Employer Testimonials

Our business partners/clients tell us that training and technical assistance provided by the Wisconsin Technical College System make their operations run more smoothly and productively and provide strong return on investment.

Image of Jeff Steinweber, Noel Group

"Technology changes so fast ... So we interact with [our technical college] to cater the curriculum to what we as a business needs for the skill set."

- Jeff Steinweber, Vice President, Enterprise Architecture and Design, Noel Group

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Image of Julie Connelly, Logistics Health"The technical colleges really focus on specific skills that people need to be successful in whatever career path they choose." 

- Julie Connelly, Department Supervisor, Logistics Health, Inc.

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Image of Nick Rolf, HUI
"The true benefit that we see as an employer with the Youth Apprenticeship Program is that we are going to get a great employee."

- Nick Rolf, Human Resources Manager, HUI

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Image of Mike Weller, Miller Electric

[Our technical college] meets the needs of students, employers and the community alike."

 - Mike Weller, President, Miller Electric (ITW)

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Image of Duane Erwin, Aspirus"We look to [our technical college] ... They are tremendous partners and tremendous educators."

- Duane Erwin, President & CEO, Aspirus

Image of Ben Bonnell, Wausau Paper

"They seem to be very, very interested in providing what we need."

- Ben Bonnell, Manager of Process Improvement, Wausau Paper

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 "The graduImage of Charles Strabel, Frontier Ag and Turfates are eager to work. They're looking for opportunities, careers. And those are the people we are looking for."

 - Charles Strabel, Parts Manager, Frontier Ag and Turf

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Image of Mike VanderZanden, Amerequip"The technical colleges provide characteristics, education, and training allowing manufacturing companies in Wisconsin to remain competitive."

 - Mike Vander Zanden, President & CEO, Amerequip Corporation

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"The tecImage of Eric Reisner, Rexnordhnical colleges have invested not only in curriculum but in the actual machines that they are teaching on, so they are giving real life applications, real life training, and then that enables the employees to start with us very quickly and move into a career progression."

 - Eric Reisner, Vice President & General Manager, Global Products Services, Rexnord

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