Emerging Careers

When you are exploring career options under the Career Programs search feature of our site, read carefully and ask yourself . . .

What wage do I need to earn? Do I like a challenge? What are my interests, abilities and preferences? Am I willing to learn new things?

Don't let your gender be a limiting factor. Visit these sites related to nontraditional fields, and continue to explore your options.

Hot Jobs

Wisconsin's Technical Colleges offer a pathway to many of the hottest jobs being offered by employers. Start realizing your potential by checking out the list of these hot careers and learn how you can make your future through a technical education.

Cutting Edge Fields

If your career passion includes cutting edge technology, Wisconsin’s Technical Colleges can make this passion a reality. Wisconsin’s Technical Colleges offer programs in most emerging high tech fields, including biotechnology, renewable energies, robotics, ecommerce and cyber security.