Jobs in Demand

This listing shows the most in-demand jobs, according to job openings posted on Wisconsin TechConnect, the online job listing service provided by Wisconsin's 16 technical colleges.

Number of Job Postings:  This is the number of full-time job openings posted by employers on TechConnect in 2017. This is by no means all the job openings in these careers, but it provides a good sample for which jobs are most in demand. Number in parentheses indicates 2016 rank.

Median Starting Salary:  This is the mid-point of wages for new graduates in each respective field, according to the 2016 WTCS Graduate Follow-Up Report. Half of all respondents were earning more than this amount and half of all respondents were earning less than this amount.

Occupation2017 Job Postings (Year-to-Date)2016 Job Postings (Rank)2015 Job Postings (Rank)Median Starting SalaryProgram Type
Nursing Assistant1,6753,336 (1)3,162 (1)$24,168Short-Term Program
Administrative Professional1,6002,308 (3)2,167 (3)$28,078Associate Degree
Marketing (Digital Marketing, Marketing Management)9742,533 (2)3,114 (2)$34,000Associate Degree
Electromechanical Technology1,0361,569 (5)1,454 (6)$50,415Associate Degree
Early Childhood Education8801,432 (6)1,395 (7)$22,940Associate Degree
Nursing - Associate Degree6611,583 (4)1,151 (9)$51,039Associate Degree
Accounting8241,245 (7)1,299 (8)$34,500Associate Degree
Truck Driving6851,243 (8)1,127 (10)$44,302Short-Term Program
Business Management5831,214 (9)1,547 (5)$31,328Associate Degree
Welding897781 (13)998 (11)$36,127Technical Diploma
Human Services Associate663931 (11)673 (16)$29,118Associate Degree
Culinary Arts500921 (12)637 (17)$25,270Associate Degree
Machine Tooling Technics753582 (20)557 (20)$41,596Technical Diploma
Machine Tool Operation686613 (19)443 (27)$35,000Technical Diploma
Computer Support Specialist (IT)419770 (14)610 (18)$36,249Associate Degree
Mechanical Design Technology455714 (16)768 (13)$45,000Associate Degree
Banking and Financial Services434714 (15)365 (30)$30,160Associate Degree
Medical Assistant519618 (18)691 (15)$29,284Technical Diploma
Industrial Maintenance Technician392543 (22)493 (23)$50,000Technical Diploma
Sales Representative329542 (23)310 (37)Technical Diploma
Office Assistant233634 (17)827 (12)$23,399Technical Diploma
Management Development270567 (21)352 (31)$41,800Associate Degree
Hospitality Management (Hotel and Restaurant Management)334450 (27)281 (43)$31,079Associate Degree
Caregiver213497 (25)42 (198)Technical Diploma
Network Specialist (IT)313376 (33)499 (22)$41,597Associate Degree
Practical Nursing265420 (29)347 (32)$37,437Technical Diploma
Construction and Remodeling303377 (32)276 (44)$31,198Technical Diploma
Supply Chain Management310355 (36)481 (24)$39,517Associate Degree
Electronic Engineering Technology370284 (46)150 (77)$37,440Associate Degree
Electrical Engineering Technology293349 (37)325 (33)$41,005Associate Degree