W I S C O N S I N T E C H N I C A L C O L L E G E S Y S T E M | 6 You should consider a technical college if …   You want hands-on experience that will prepare you for a career in less time.   You want to take on less debt, both in cost per year, and total years of tuition owed.   You’re open to continuing to a four-year degree or more.   You want to schedule classes around your other responsibilities: family, job, or other commitments.   You want to learn from expert instructors with industry/employer connections to help you make your way.   You want to take a few credits at a time, knowing you can build on your credentials along the way.   You’re not sure what career you want to pursue yet (you’ll see a lot of potential careers here!).   You want small classes where you build relationships with other students and your instructors.   You have a passion and interest in a subject area that employers value and pay for.   You’re already talented and entrepreneurial, but you need some additional tools to help your career take off. Want to take the WTCS Career Interest Questionnaire? Visit: wistechcolleges.org/explore-careers/ career-interest-questionnaire Your life. Your path. Your career awaits you. Common_pages 02_16_WTCS_2017_FINAL.indd 6 7/24/17 7:15 AM