Making Futures

One of the most rewarding and most challenging things about adulthood is making decisions about our own lives. Each of us has unique opportunities, goals and interests. So be careful about making choices, because you know yourself better than anyone.

When it comes to your future, your life is yours alone. You may want to keep all your options on the table. So consider all the advice you’re given carefully. You may be surprised at what you learn. For example, here are just a few of the reasons that more than half of all Wisconsin adults attend tech colleges.

But you might also hear some myths about technical colleges, from people who don’t have direct experience with them.

What are our graduates up to? You can get a sense of how passion turns into potential by reading a few of the many interesting alumni stories from Wisconsin's Technical Colleges.

Get to know some of our instructors. You'll see how they bring their passion together with real world experience to make technical college education unique. Many of them are outstanding in their career field and are leaders in their communities.

Wisconsin's Technical Colleges are embracing a number of sustainability efforts. Besides offering a number of sustainable or green career programs, our commitment goes further to include a systemwide philosophy of sustainability, including in our day-to-day campus operations. To develop student-leaders in this area, we are incorporating sustainability principles into all our programs. As global competition changes the landscape, Wisconsin's employers expect their employees to maximize resources, and that competitive edge improves all our futures.

Read our internal blog about how we believe students are Futuremakers.

Want to learn more about your future options and how to get started? Check out our advice from college experts.

For more than 100 years, Wisconsin's Technical Colleges have been making futures. Technology has changed over the years and so have our students; but our objective has remained the same: to prepare Wisconsin students for a wide range of careers and further educational opportunities. That's why we're celebrating 100 years of helping Wisconsin residents go from students to Futuremakers!

One of the best ways to determine your options for your future is to visit the places you’re considering and talk to people who have experience there. Call any of the sixteen technical colleges to schedule a visit. You may be surprised how clearly your future unfolds.