W I S C O N S I N T E C H N I C A L C O L L E G E S Y S T E M | 1 3 W I S C O N S I N T E C H N I C A L C O L L E G E S Y S T E M | 1 2 Are the career options you envision for your child wide open, or do you have a bias for specific careers? Many university graduates are struggling to land high-paying, high-growth jobs because they lack the skills to compete for them.6 They often have to settle for a low-skill job or no job at all. Meanwhile, good- paying jobs and apprenticeships requiring a two-year degree and/or technical skills sit vacant. This changing job market has made four-year degrees—once a certain safe investment—less relevant and more risky. Parents who invest a bit of time and energy into researching all higher education options are likely to see their kids have more success and take on less debt. A bachelor’s degree is not the sure thing it once was. How can you be an engaged parent? Take interest in your child’s hobbies and education. Be an informed parent. Visit a technical college campus. Visit a university campus. Have your child job shadow a friend or relative to see what they do for a day. Occasionally revisit the student’s interests. Encourage volunteer opportunities. Talk with current students or recent graduates. Remember to keep it about your child, not you. Know all your options. Section 2 The changing employment landscape Free job listing service