College Credit in High School

If you’re a current high school student or recent graduate, you’ve come to the right place. Wisconsin’s Technical Colleges are geared to help you find your passion and fulfill your potential.

Since our programs are hands-on, you’ll know right away whether you’re in the right career/program. You’ll experience your education from experts in the field who are not only instructors but also advisors.

You’ll feel entirely at home. With small classes, hands-on work, caring staff and instructors, you’ll wish you could have started here earlier. It’s not all about work though; involvement in social activities, clubs and organizations will help you round out your experience.

Dual Credit
Get a head start on college by taking college level courses while in high school.

Youth Options
Find out if you can start a college degree program while still in high school.

Youth Apprenticeship
Get a head start on your career passion while working and learning in high school.