Who we are

Technical colleges are most known for the fact that graduates get the education and training for the skills to compete in today's global job market. Additional benefits include:

  • Individual attention: Classes are smaller and instructors care about the success of every student.
  • Placement is strong: More than 93 percent of graduates are employed within six months of graduation.
  • Less debt (or no debt): Credits are about half the cost; degrees can be earned in one or two years (full-time students) for a fraction of the cost of a four-year degree. 
  • Smooth credit transfer for a 4-yr. degree: Students can take advantage of the Universal Credit Transfer, Liberal Arts Transfer or program-to-program transfer agreements between specific colleges. There are more than 600 agreements with the UW-System. 
  • Quicker path to a skilled position: Students graduate with a skill for employment to hit the ground running in one or two years (full time students).

  • Relevant skills: Instructors are from the real world. Business and industry advisers provide regular input so hands-on learning is based closely on what's needed in real-world work places.
  • More jobs than graduates: Employers are in need of individuals with technical skills and the decrease in demand for graduates is nowhere in sight. 
  • Great starting salaries: 2016 Associate degree graduates' median salary (meaning half of them earn more than this) is $41,000.