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career exploration

By Susan Pohorski
If you and your child are looking for careers with a bright future, consider the many occupations in Information Technology, or IT. As parents, our job is to prepare our children for the future. To help them learn the skills necessary to live their lives independently. We want them to be able to...
By Susan Pohorski
Your friends, family members and business contacts can be a great starting point for your child’s career exploration. When you introduce your child to a new person be sure to say something about the work that person does. Another way to make your child aware of different careers is to take them for...
By Susan Pohorski
Often teens don’t know what they want to do as adults because they were not exposed to different careers when they were young. Career exploration can begin with a preschool picture book. Bob the Builder is not the only career role model for young children. Many children’s books feature characters...


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