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By Erin Eagan
The most forward-thinking organizations in today’s marketplace are putting an emphasis on continuing education and training to set themselves apart from their competition. They see it as an incentive to retain current employees as well as recruit new talent. In the last decade, the advent of online...


By Erin Eagan
Despite progress in the last few decades, gender underrepresentation in certain professions still lingers. Last year, for example, women represented only 6 percent of all truck drivers. Men, meanwhile, represented just 2.3 percent of preschool and kindergarten teachers. It’s no coincidence, then,...


WCTC student
By Erin Eagan
In the last 50 years, our demographics have shifted, and HR departments are being asked to increase workplace diversity to keep pace. While over half of the organizations surveyed by SHRM have a plan in place (57% of recruiters say their talent acquisition strategies are designed to attract diverse...

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employer-student meeting
By Erin Eagan
In such a competitive market for finding talent, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve to land the top prospects in your field. An effective way to connect with your future workforce and gain an advantage is one-on-one interaction through on-campus recruitment at a local technical college. By...


improving productivity through training
By Erin Eagan
For over 25 years, youth apprenticeship programs have been connecting Wisconsin’s employers to the future workforce. Youth apprenticeships give employers the opportunity to mentor eager high school juniors and seniors as they explore future careers. They create an ideal environment for employers to...

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employee being trained by an instructor
By Erin Eagan
Improving your company’s productivity and competitiveness requires an investment in employee training and development. To make funding that training easier, take advantage of employee training funds available through your local Wisconsin technical college. The Wisconsin Technical College System (...


Work group meeting
By Erin Eagan
As worker shortages reach unprecedented levels and the skills gap widens, it’s more important than ever for educators and employers to coordinate their efforts in training tomorrow’s workforce. As an employer, you can play a critical role in the changing needs of your organization as well as the...

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graphic design student working
By Erin Eagan
Graduation season is upon us at Wisconsin’s technical colleges, so it’s the perfect time to recognize the talent and potential of technical college students and solve your employment needs. Each year, graduates from over 500 industry-driven programs in high-demand sectors enter the labor force...

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By Erin Eagan
In a rapidly changing environment, employers allowing their organizations to fall behind in training is no longer an option. Keeping pace with this type of change requires an ongoing investment in training and development. By partnering with Wisconsin’s technical colleges, industry leaders are not...
Planning new occupational programs for Wisconsin’s technical colleges is part prophetic, part research and part collaboration. In order to have skilled workers ready for employment just as the labor market needs them, college administrators have to look into the future with the help of employers...


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