Cardinal Glass calls on CVTC for maintenance tech training

CVTC helps keep cardinal glass running


Cardinal Glass Industries produces residential glass for windows and doors. The company has 37 manufacturing locations around the United States. The Menomonie location is a "float glass" plant. These plants operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Each plant ships 35-40 trucks of glass each day.


Cardinal Glass in Menomonie was having difficulty finding skilled maintenance technicians to fill the needs of keeping the plant running 24/7. 


The company called upon Chippewa Valley Technical College Business and Industry Services to provide training to current Cardinal Glass employees so they could advance their skills and become maintenance technicians.


Cardinal Glass was very satisfied with the up-to-date training on current technology provided to their employees. Supervisors gained skills in handling situations with employees better and more appropriately. Some of the maintenance technicians who increased their knowledge and skills through the training were permanently hired.