Columbia County improves supervisory skills through training

Columbia Cty Gov partners with Madison College


Columbia County government offices are located in Portage, Wisconsin and serve about 57,000 residents living in rural settings or communities. 


The County Board saw the need for leadership training among its managers and supervisors. They called upon Madison College for assistance.


Madison College developed a specific leadership development program for Columbia County managers and supervisors. This group had varying levels of experience and skills. The program included an assessment phase to better understand the baseline management skills competencies for the group of 17 individuals who took training in 2013. Thirty-six mid-level supervisors received training in 2014. The leadership development covered topics including: Leadership Essentials, Self-Leadership & Interpersonal Skills, Effective Communication, Planning and Strategic Thinking, Performance Management, Time Management, Change Leadership & Change Management, and Leadership Challenge.


Participants said the training established better working relationships among department heads. It provided opportunities to interact and share ideas with other organization leaders. Some useful concepts were: accountability, change management, leadership style and strengths.