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Improved efficiency helps manufacturer remain competitive


DuraTech Industries manufactures decorative and functional identification products to OEMs worldwide. DuraTech serves OEM’s in the automotive, computer, electronics, industrial, and medical markets. The diverse portfolio of products and services permits DuraTech to offer complementary components in custom packages.


DuraTech desires to continually improve efficiencies to remain competitive in the markets they serve.


Western Technical College Business and Industry Services assisted DuraTech to implement aspects of Lean manufacturing within their processes. The college trained employees in Lean manufacturing concepts and practice. These activities were funded by a Workforce Advancement Training grant and a contribution from the company.


DuraTech Industries reduced lead time on order entry process by 50 percent, reduced set-up times by 50 percent, thereby increasing productivity.

In addition to the Lean training, Western is currently partnering with DuraTech Industries to obtain county grant funding for product research and development. The technology in development could have a tremendous positive impact on the growth of DuraTech and the number of jobs within its La Crosse manufacturing facility.