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English Language Learning brings increased productivity, job satisfaction


Green Bay Converting (GBC) provides sanitary tissue products and printed packaging. GBC converts finished product and prints the highest quality packaging with the most state-of-the-art, automated, high-speed equipment in the industry.

Green Bay Converting has grown from 25 to more than 300 employees since 1999. The company is housed in a 625,000 square foot building with 30 highly automated and highly efficient converting lines.


To increase language, reading and writing skills of employees so they may provide a safer working environment, increase job advancement opportunities, improve communication with the team, increase employee morale, and increase work efficiency and quality of products.


Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Corporate Training and Economic Development provided English Language Learning, Lean Manufacturing and CPR/First Aid training. Workforce Training Advancement grants supplemented the cost of the training.

A total of 37 individuals from Green Bay Converting and Hattiesburg Paper Company participated in the ELL training. The employees were mainly Hmong with the exception of two individuals from Ukraine.


Improved English skills gave employees confidence to ask questions and make suggestions for better productivity. Employees are able to identify their needs and communicate them much better to decision makers for quicker response. This increased job satisfaction.

Employees are able to communicate and understand signs and other safety messages. After the training, Green Bay Converting celebrated one year without any safety related injuries and are on track continue this performance.

Reduction in wasted steps led to $250,000 cost savings over 12 months for just one product line.