Employee development helps Milk Products remain in current location

Milk Products, Inc. partners with Fox Valley Technical College


Milk Products, Inc. manufactures and markets animal milk replacers and health products used for raising livestock. The company supplies feed manufacturers, agricultural distributors, and farm supply retailers. Milk Products manufactures more than 700 different formulations for more than 100 companies.


As Milk Products grew, management recognized the need for staff development. This would create a safe work environment and more efficient production of products. The plant recently implemented an automation plan.


Milk Products partnered with Fox Valley Technical College Business and Industry Services on safety training, rapid improvement in Lean manufacturing and computer skills training. Key people within Milk Products completed safety training in areas such as arc flash, confined space, forklift, and CPR. Maintenance staff was involved in electrical as well as drives and PLC training. Multiple training projects were supported through employer contributions and Workforce Advancement Training Grant funding. Strategic planning was fully funded by the company.

Milk Products also partnered with Fox Valley Tech in their strategic planning process to develop and implement short- and long-term business plans.


Employees exceeded expectations in safety, computer use and maintenance. An improved workforce means the company will not have to relocate operations. In fact, multiple employees became eligible for promotions.