Medical manufacturer improves project management coordination


Phillips-Medisize designs and manufactures medical devices, diagnostics and drug delivery products. Headquartered in Hudson, the company also has facilities in Eau Claire, Menomonie, Phillips, and New Richmond, with many other facilities in the United States and Europe.


Phillips-Medisize had an ongoing need for better project management as its global markets expanded. The company was already using project management software, but simply having a computer program doesn’t necessarily solve a problem. The company has many engineers working at seven different sites in Wisconsin and all require trainings.


The Chippewa Valley Technical College Customized Training team trained about 90 employees on how to use Microsoft Project software to its full potential.

MS Project allows project managers to assign and schedule project tasks to team members, track progress on project components, allocate and track resources needed, track costs, and much more.

The training was funded in two ways. For courses that met the intentions of a Workforce Advancement Training (WAT) grant, Phillips-Medisize paid a portion of the cost, with the grant paying the remainder. The courses that didn’t meet grant criteria were funded 100 percent by Phillips-Medisize.


Phillips-Medisize now tracks data on a company-wide basis. Managers can see what each company site is doing and which engineers are available. They can monitor project status throughout the organization and operate much more efficiently.