Stecker Machine Co. gains increased productivity, competitiveness

Stecker Manufacturing WTCS


Stecker Machine Company, Inc. manufactures high precision components for automotive, agriculture, defense, industrial and other industries. The company also provides a wide range of castings, heat treating, and metal finishing services to effectively participate in the design of new parts for customers.


Due to the skills shortage for qualified machinists and the rapid growth and expansion of the company, Stecker Machine is committed to "grow its own" into a highly skilled workforce. Management wants to increase the overall skill level of the CNC operators, increase problem solving skills of support roles, and increase leadership abilities of managers and supervisors.


Lakeshore Technical College provided management and support personnel with 40 hours of root cause/problem solving and leadership training. Operators on the floor received 40 hours of training on blue print reading, machine operation, metrology, and shop math.


As a result of the training, Stecker Machine Co. realized improved productivity and competitiveness through cost savings and an improved work environment. It also allowed the company to add 25 new positions with another 50 to 75 planed for the future. In addition to the increased employee knowledge and skills, this education provides current employees with stronger earning potential and advancement opportunities.