Xten injects training into its business

Xten injects training into its business


Xten Industries is a plastic injection molder in Kenosha, Wisconsin, that turns plastic parts into finished goods.


The company grew from 89 employees to more than 300 employees at two locations. Xten recognized the need to change their employee training programs and make them better suited to the companies current a future growth.


Xten partnered with Gateway Technical College Business and Workforce Solutions to provide leadership development, Lean principles, Excel software and SolidWorks training for employees. These courses were funded through Workforce Advancement Training grants.


Xten employees identified 20 projects based on Lean principles. These projects will improve the process on the manufacturing floor and make it easier for the operators. This training provided a foundation for all employees resulting in workflow improvements and more cooperation among employees. The employees better understood the changes made in their day-to-day work processes.

Through this experience, Xten management recognized the need for additional training and company received an additional grant for Respectable Workplace training for all 140 employees.