Wisconsin Technical Colleges Near Me

Success Stories

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

To increase language, reading and writing skills of employees so they may provide a safer working environment, increase job advancement opportunities, improve communication with the team, increase employee morale, and increase work efficiency and quality of products.

Western Technical College

DuraTech desires to continually improve efficiencies to remain competitive in the markets they serve.

Mid-State Technical College

Manufacturers in the Mid-State Technical College district were struggling to find skilled workers. Displaced workers needed training to qualify for jobs in these industries and incumbent workers were not qualified to move up into supervisory positions.

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Bay Tek Games management wanted to reduce waste and build long-term relationships with employees.

Chippewa Valley Technical College

To increase employee engagement and improve employee satisfaction and effectiveness. Mule-Hide wanted employees to feel valued as members of the organization.

Milwaukee Area Technical College

Employees lacked necessary skills and safe practices. Morale was low and turnover was high.