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Today's changing employment landscape leaves many employers searching for qualified employees. Helping you compete and expand is a central goal for Wisconsin's technical colleges. In addition to our core mission, we provide customized training and technical assistance for employers statewide. Whether your concerns are for safety, productivity, efficiency, technology, hard or soft skills, we will help you implement the latest technology and quality standards according to your needs.

According to our latest Employer Satisfaction report, 98% of employers said a technical college was important to the overall success of their business. And 9 in 10 said that tech college program grads met or exceeded expectations for:

  • technical skills
  • mastery of knowledge in the field
  • relevance of skills, knowledge
  • ability to communicate effectively
  • overall preparedness for employment

The benefits of educating your workforce may offset the costs of training, or there may be grant funding available to help cover the costs. Either way, results are likely to include employee recruitment and retention, which is always good for remaining competitiveness.


improving productivity through training
Employee training (specialized or soft skills)

Develop better employees with education tailored to your company.

Employee training success stories

See how companies like 3M, Fisher-Barton and Superior Crane use employee training for business success.

Employee training contacts

Contact your local college to learn more about customized employee training.

Advisory Committees

We value your knowledge and expertise. Input and feedback from employers is important to Wisconsin's technical colleges; for our performance and yours.