Mechatronics Technician Apprentice

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Mechatronics Technician Apprentice

This occupation requires combined knowledge of electrical, electronic and mechanical systems used in industrial plants. Workers frequently support automation and robotic technologies. Work processes include installing, repairing, and maintaining equipment/devices. Troubleshooting systems involved in manufacturing and process control are critical requirements for workers in these occupations. Workers typically operate and debug, industrial computer and communication systems including PLC's, PCs, and HMI technologies. Workers machine metal and other materials; fabricate parts and weld/join components. Documenting work performed, maintaining accurate records, and working in a collaborative environment are critical interpersonal skills. Employees in some, but not all plants, support facilities, utilities and grounds.


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The Mechatronics Technician Apprenticeship requires 10,000 work hours - 9,136 on the job and 864 in paid-related instruction. In addition, 8 hours of unpaid-related night school is required.


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