Welding Apprentice

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Welding Apprentice

Combine advanced manufacturing skills from assembly, metal fabrication, welding and maintenance repair into one integrated training approach. Learn safety; print reading; occupational math; cutting and inspection; shielded metal arc welding (SMAW); gas metal arc welding (GMAC or MIG welding); gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW or TIG welding); flux core arc welding (FCAW); advanced fabrication techniques such as rolling, bending and forming; layout with soldering and brazing; troubleshooting; and transition to trainer. The program model combines on-the-job training and WCTC instruction.

Additional details about this program:

  • Obtain employment with approval for apprenticeship training.
  • The State of Wisconsin oversees the apprenticeship system and will contact WCTC to set a class schedule.
  • The schedule will be sent to the student from WCTC. (Application to WCTC is not necessary by the student.)
  • Obtain further information about apprenticeship programs by contacting the local apprenticeship representative by visiting by visiting the State's Department of Workforce Development website.
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