Adam Heindel

Adam Heindel, NWTC grad

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Architectural Program, 1995

Architect, Consolidated Construction Company

Adam Heindel says he was always "into art." In high school he took a computer aided design (CAD) class and began to think about art and architecture. The Architectural Technology program at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College fit his interests in the nuts and bolts of buildings and the college was close to home, so he enrolled after high school.

"I liked that we got right into the technical aspects of architecture, like how a building is put together," Adam recalls. "It was exciting to see how all the systems work together." He also found the support courses, like surveying, fascinating and says it helped him understand site plans and civil engineering.

After completing the associate degree, Adam took a job in a cabinet shop where he honed his drafting skills. His next career step gave him a chance to design buildings. During his 18 year career, he has worked in both traditional architecture firms and design building construction companies and has developed a true passion for design and construction. A registered architect since 2003, Consolidated Construction Company recently hired him as an architect.

"Architecture is not always about you," he says. "What you think is great isn’t always great in the eyes of your client. The trick is to balance your idea of good design while keeping a clear focus on your client’s goals."

When designing his own lake home, Adam found out he was his own worst client. "I am influenced by so many different styles that it was difficult to settle on one design,” he says."

Over the years, Adam has had positive experiences hiring other technical college graduates, "Especially when the company needs someone to make an impact quickly."