Amanda Moeller

Gateway Technical College

Advanced EMT, Firefighter Technician

Dispatcher, Lake Geneva Police Department

When Amanda Moeller graduated from Clinton High School in 2005, she hadn’t given college much thought.

After graduation, she started working full-time in the plastics industry at Miniature Precision Components. A few years later she enrolled in the Administrative Professional program at Gateway Technical College, but admittedly, she was more or less just going through the motions. “I took classes with little to no effort and I felt like, ‘this is not really going anywhere for me,’” she explains.

It was a tragic event in 2013 that led her to consider another career choice.

On an autumn day in September 2013, her husband Frank and their friend, Josh Tauscher, went out to ride their Harleys. During the ride, Tauscher was hit by a truck and died as a result of his injuries. His sudden and tragic death left Moeller feeling helpless — and in search of a career that would make a difference in people’s lives.

Driven by grief, she decided to pursue a career in Emergency Services and Public Safety. Her journey began when she joined the Town of Lyons Volunteer Fire Department, where her husband also volunteers. She then enrolled in EMT basic at Gateway Technical College and got certified.

“The more I got into EMT, I realized, this has meaning,” she explains. “Sitting at work, counting plastic parts, that had no meaning to me, whereas this was real stuff. This was holding people’s hands when they’re locked in a car while my friends are trying to cut them out.”

Over the next few years, she also volunteered for the Town of Vernon Fire Department and got certified in firefighting at Gateway and advanced EMT at Blackhawk Technical College — all of this while still working a full-time job as an account manager at New Berlin Plastics.

Finally, it was time for Moeller to take all that she had learned and experienced in school and through volunteering and turn that into a full-time career. “I thought, ‘I like this radio stuff,’’ she says. “I like helping people.” She applied for a full-time dispatcher position with the Lake Geneva Police Department. They made her an offer in July 2016.

It may have taken her a little while longer than most to find her niche, but she knows she is now doing what she was always meant to. “When I first got into EMT, I had excellent grades because I cared about it,” says Moeller. “It was something I had a passion for. At the end of the day, I look at what I’ve done and people that I’ve helped and it’s a good feeling. I go home feeling more like I made more of a difference than just trying to make money or sell things as I was in my prior career. That didn’t have a lot of value to me.”

As for the future, her aspirations are to keep doing what she’s doing. “I love it and I don’t see a reason to stop at this point,” Moeller concludes.

In her free time, when she’s not volunteering, Moeller likes to get outdoors and exercise and spend time with her two dogs as well as her husband.