Amy Steger

Amy Steger, MATC-Madison grad

Madison Area Technical College

Marketing, 2009

Marketing and Creative Strategist, Greenleaf Media

While pursuing a bachelor's degree in chemistry and geography Amy discovered her passion for art. After a few years of working in the sciences she was still looking for a creative outlet and pursued training in Madison Area Technical College's graphic design program.

"I reviewed the timetables for graphic design program courses and could not make that particular degree work for me," Amy recalls. "The next best thing seemed to be [Madison Area Technical College’s] Marketing program, as a few of the courses overlapped with the graphic design degree."

She called the marketing department dean who directed her to the Fast Track Marketing Program, offering four-hour classes one night a week. "The remainder of the coursework would be completed on my time, on my terms. It was the perfect fit," Amy says.

"MATC certainly helped me discover my passion! After taking my first marketing class, it was confirmed that I was on the right path. I truly enjoyed the projects and assignments and couldn’t wait to have the opportunity to apply them in real-life situations."