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Angela Weller

Alison Weller, Madison College graduate

Madison Area Technical College

Meeting and Event Management, 2004

Event Services Manager, Association of Equipment Manufacturers

After enrolling in a state university, Angela Weller changed majors three times. She had an idea of what she wanted to do, but didn’t know which program matched her goal. 

“I had done some event planning as a volunteer,” she explained. “I knew I wanted to pursue this career.” 

Angela’s parents didn’t understand her career aspirations. “You want to be a party planner?” they asked. 

Finally, she saw a newspaper advertisement for a new program at Madison College—Meeting and Event Management. She called the head of the program and asked, “Is this the program for me?”  The answer was “absolutely.” 

“The instructor was outstanding,” she stated. “The training was specific to what I wanted to do and it was fun.” Angela also appreciated the small class sizes. 

After graduating, Angela spent eight years in the hospitality field as an event manager, banquet manager and director of catering. However, she was looking for something bigger. A friend who worked for the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) told Angela of a position that sounded right for her. It turned out to be her dream job. 

AEM is a trade organization for equipment manufacturers and related service providers around the world. Angela handles housing and registration for four domestic tradeshows each year. The events last from three to five days and draw between 6,000 and 130,000 people. 

“I love what I’m doing,” she said. “And I still refer to what I learned at Madison College all the time.”