Cody Rye

Cody Rye, NWTC graduate

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Utilities Engineering Technology

Substation Design, Wisconsin Public Service

Cody Rye in field.jpg

Cody Rye working in a substation
Like many students who are talented in math and science, Cody Rye enrolled at a university after graduating from high school. After one semester, he wasn’t happy, so he came to Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, where he found his niche.

The Utilities Engineering Technology program prepares students for careers in every aspect of the utility industry, from power generation through transmission to distribution.

“I’m very glad I came here,” Cody said. “People just don’t understand how many jobs there are when you’re coming from this program, how versatile it is.”

Cody applied for many jobs. He got 15 interviews and six job offers in five months. After starting out as a relay technician with Electric Power Systems, he now works at Wisconsin Public Service, designing electrical systems for substations, gas gates and utility generation. “I like seeing how everything works, how substations can be redesigned,” Cody explained.

His program prepared him well for work after graduation, he said, but Cody misses his NWTC classmates. “They were very helpful, and we were more like a team.”