Dustin White

Dustin White portrait

Fox Valley Technical College

Computer Information Systems Programmer/Analyst, 2002

Founder/Technical Director, Stellar Blue Technologies

Dustin White discovered his career passion early. In middle school Dustin built a computer for himself. He continued to follow his interest in computers through high school and chose Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) as the next step.

“I did some research and I liked the programs Fox Valley offered,” he recalled. “There were a lot of options with classes in programming and some web classes.”

Dustin enjoyed the hands-on approach and the work environment of the technical college. “We worked in groups to solve problems and actually got to write code,” he said.

One of the people Dustin met was Jim Novinski, his current business partner. Both men got internships in computer programming at J.J. Keller and Associates. After completing the Programmer/Analyst associate degree at FVTC, Dustin enrolled at Lakeland University to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

During this time Dustin’s interest shifted to web development, so he went back to FVTC for a two-year degree in that area. He was working at OEC Graphics and doing some “small web projects here and there” with Jim.  They decided to start their own business and took the E-Seed course at FVTC to learn how to develop a business plan.

Stellar Blue, Internet marketing firm, was born in 2004. The company has grown to 20 employees serving 350 clients.

Dustin’s work includes helping clients with data base administration, hosting support, web development, custom web applications and mobile web applications. The company also has an education division and runs a training studio offering workshops and online training. When asked which is his favorite, Dustin admitted he likes it all.

“I like when I am able to take a clients vision and bring it to reality through team work,” he explained.

My experience at FVTC helped me discover my hard work ethic and gave me the technical training to begin my career.  Looking back and considering what has been accomplished, I know that, wholeheartedly, without my FVTC education I would have lacked the tools that I have built my success on.”