Erin Salmon

Erin Salmon, Madison College grad

Madison Area Technical College

Civil Engineering, 2001

Operations Manager, Davis Construction Company

After serving in the Army overseas, Erin Salmon decided to follow her father’s footsteps into Civil Engineering and reenrolled at Madison College. She already had some credits from before her military service and knew she would get a good education at a low cost.

Erin worked for a surveying company and later with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation while earning her two-year associate degree.

“I liked the flexibility of the times and locations where classes were offered,” she explained. “I took one class in Watertown because it was offered at a time I could fit in my schedule.”

Erin also appreciated the small class sizes and quality instructors the program offered. “The teachers were also friends and mentors,” she added.

A few months after graduating in 2001, Erin landed a civil engineer technician job with the City of Sun Prairie. After 12 years there, she took a similar job with the City of Portage.

She loves the variety of work and the challenges of civil engineering. Often when inspecting a reconstruction project Erin found surprises lurking underground or miscalculations that had to be addressed. Part of her job was to gather data for the future to prevent such occurrences.

“There is always a problem to be solved,” Erin stated. “I enjoy helping people and making things better for them.”

Over the years she earned several certifications in areas such as a highway technician, soil erosion inspector, AutoCAD, and for completion of classes on Improving Public works Construction Inspection Skills. Recently, Erin took online classes and received the Public Works Manager (PWM) credential from the American Public Works Association (APWA).

Now, she works in the private sector for an asphalt paving company. As operations manager, some of Erin's duties are:  scheduling, coordinating the crews, ordering materials and preparing estimates.

“I also visit the job sites where I assist with the design and layout, shooting grades and resolving any issues that may arise” she said.

Davis Construction Company does “anything and everything” including commercial parking lots, residential driveways, asphalt trails and much more.

“There’s always a challenge,” she said of her work.