Hannah Lanser, CPA

Hannah Lanser, former Madison College student

Madison Area Technical College

Liberal Arts Transfer

Senior Accountant, Wegner CPAs LLP

Hannah Lanser took a non-traditional path to her career. After high school she took some time off to nurture her spiritual life. She had been accepted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, but deferred her enrollment and planned to start in the spring semester of 2008. However, admissions counselors suggested she wait until the fall to enroll.

As a result, Hannah decided to enroll at Madison College to take some of the required general education classes.

“I chose Madison College for the smaller class sizes and the affordable cost,” she said. “I learned about math and science and really enjoyed it. I wasn’t just memorizing and trying to beat the grading curve.” She also took pre-calculus and economics.

With the smaller class sizes, Hannah felt comfortable asking questions. She also took advantage of the instructors’ office hours. Hannah got to know her instructors and classmates well and enjoyed working and studying together with them.

After a year, Hannah transferred to the UW and got into the School of Business. Her plan was to get a bachelor’s degree in business with an emphasis in management and human resources.

“I love people and figured that was the best career choice for me,” she explained. However, she enjoyed accounting and found out you need people skills even in that field.

After graduating from UW–Madison in 2012 with a degree in accounting, Hannah was hired by Wegner CPAs where she performs financial statement audits and provides consulting for non-profit organizations, churches, religious organizations, and for-profit organizations in the Madison area, southern Wisconsin, New York City and Washington, D.C.

“Madison College allowed me to get good grades and enjoy learning the general courses. This all helped toward my School of Business application,” she concluded. “I had a 4.0 grade point average there and after one year it was easy to transfer.”