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Joel Bernhard

Joel Bernhard, MPTC grad

Moraine Park Technical College

Culinary Arts, 1999

Owner, Confections for Any Occasion

When Joel was four, he lost his eyesight due to a tumor on his optic nerve. However, he never lost sight of his dream of becoming a chocolatier.

Joel became interested in candy making while taking an advanced baking class at Moraine Park Technical College where he learned to make chocolate truffles. The college provided him with a talking scale and all of his textbooks were scanned and printed in Braille.

Joel got his business off the ground by selling home made candies and cookies to family and friends. He rented a local restaurant's kitchen to make his candy and other confections. After a few years, Joel outgrew the rented kitchen and opened his own store where he’s still sweetening up the community.