Justin Hahn

Justin Hahn, FVTC grad

Fox Valley Technical College

Avionics Technology/Applied Science, 1999

Director of Technical Services, Spirit Aeronautics, Ltd.

Justin Hahn loves technology and aviation, but until he came to Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) for a tour he didn’t know there was a career involving both.

Justin liked the small classes and personal attention he received at FVTC. His instructors genuinely cared about his success and kept him on track. They also had experience in the field and connections to offer students real world, hands-on experience.

While working toward his associate degree in Avionics Technology/Applied Science, Justin had a summer internship at Gulf Coast Avionics in Florida. The manager there was impressed and told Justin to contact him after graduation.

After school, he was offered a position at Gulfstream in Appleton. "I accepted but life changed and I called that guy up in the spring of 2000," Justin recalls. "He was running an avionics shop in Columbus, OH and I accepted his offer. That company sold a year later to Spirit Avionics (now Spirit Aeronautics) and I’ve grown with this company ever since."

"The education I received at FVTC was relevant and applicable in the field right out of college," Justin states. "They not only covered the basics but gave me a good foundation to build on and further my career. They didn’t just teach the systems but they taught the theory behind it so even though the technology we work with changes, the fundamentals still apply."

One FVTC instructor stood out to Justin. "Tom Yapp told me that he knew I would go places. I probably laughed him off at the time but after 14+ years, I still think about that comment as I continue to grow in my career."