Kevin Rooney

Kevin Rooney, WCTC graduate

Waukesha County Technical College

Quality Management, 2015 Industrial Engineering Technology, MATC 1990

Lead Advanced Manufacturing Engineer, GE Healthcare

Kevin Rooney gets emotional when he sees the GE commercial with hundreds of patients coming to the GE Healthcare manufacturing facilities to thank employees for the life-saving diagnostic imaging systems that saved their lives.

“It is not just the patient whose life may be saved that is affected, rather that person’s entire family that is impacted in a positive way with these products,” Kevin said.

A graduate of Waukesha County Technical College’s Quality Management program, Kevin is lead advanced manufacturing engineer for the GE Healthcare Advanced Manufacturing Technical Center.

“We’re developing a product used in scanners such as MRI, CT and PET scanners,” he explained.

He began his career in a CNC machining program, earning a degree in Industrial Engineering Technology at Milwaukee Area Technical College. Those skills got him a job with Rockwell Automation. Using tuition reimbursement benefits, Kevin got a bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology and a master’s in Engineering Management.

However, when Kevin took a six-class, Advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD) program at Waukesha County Technical College, he realized that the technical colleges had everything he needed to stay current in his field. Next, he registered for the Lean Manufacturing Advanced Technical Certificate program. At that time he was working at Bucyrus International a mining equipment manufacturer. (Caterpillar purchased Bucyrus.)

“Bucyrus wanted to enhance the company’s culture to better identify and eliminate waste in all facets of the business process, and I wanted to be the ‘go to’ guy in our Engineering department,” Kevin recalled.

At this writing, Kevin has earned nine advanced certificates from WCTC’s School of Applied Technologies and School of Business. He also serves as chairperson of the Quality Management Advisory Committee for WCTC.

“All of the certificates that I’ve taken at WCTC directly apply to my job in manufacturing engineering and supply chain management at my current and former employers. You need to adapt to changing business trends and technology advancement.  The certificate offerings allow me to stay current with the changing business environment,” he stated.

Kevin utilizes skills he acquired through the technical college on a daily basis, including project management, Lean enterprises and problem solving. The competencies Kevin learned in WCTC’s Quality Management degree program helped him secure his job with GE Healthcare.

“Nothing is easy,” he said of his courses at WCTC. “You have to earn everything. These courses are harder than many of my undergraduate and graduate courses.”