Nathania “Nada” Massie

Nada Massie, LTC grad

Lakeshore Technical College

Nursing Associate Degree, 2003

Nurse, Froedert Hospital

Nada Massie saw firsthand the difference health care professionals could make in one’s life. Growing up, she witnessed members of her own family receive care. After sorting through career options, Nada came back to health care. She attended "Experience LTC" during her senior year of high school and her decision was made—Lakeshore Technical College (LTC) was the place for her.

"LTC is affordable, close to home, and the instructors are awesome," says Nada. "The instructors love the profession and that passion for caring for people pushed me to learn more. The practical, hands-on learning experience through LTC was so important—it was exactly what I needed to succeed in this career."