Rachel Waldmer

Rachel Waldmer, Madison College graduate

Madison Area Technical College

Photography 2010, Entrepreneurship 2011

Owner, A Thousand Words Photography

Rachel Waldmer knew she wanted to become a photographer in high school. Madison College helped her achieve the dream of owning a photography studio in just three years.

She took a photography class and started working with a local photographer. “Once I got my hands-on experience with photography it inspired me and everything just clicked,” she said.

Taking the advice of her high school counselor, photography teacher and the photographer she was working with, Rachel enrolled in Madison College’s Photography associate degree program.

“I found out it is one of the best photography programs in the country,” she recalled. Rachel chose technical college because the program was more focused, less expensive and took less time than a four-year degree program; and she could live with relatives while attending classes at the Madison campus.

“It fit perfectly with the way I wanted my life to go,” she stated. Financial aid helped cover the costs and she continued to work and save money to invest in her business. Shortly before completing her degree in 2010, Rachel started A Thousand Words Photography. She continued her education by earning a technical diploma in Small Business Entrepreneurship and a certificate in Website Development.

“The courses expanded on what we learned in the Photography program,” she commented. “It really brought it all together.”

In June of 2011 Rachel opened a storefront studio in Poynette. She continues to create beautiful images for businesses, couples, graduation and family portraits. Rachel also creates holiday greeting cards and save the date cards. She went from high school student to entrepreneur in just two years.