Robyn Ludtke

Robyn Ludtke, WCTC grad

Waukesha County Technical College

Marketing, 2012

Manager, Events and Programs, Waukesha County Business Alliance

Robyn Ludtke faced a lot of obstacles while earning an associate degree in marketing at Waukesha County Technical College. After 13 years of bartending and waitressing, she wanted a career.

"I visited the Workforce Development office at WCTC and after talking with the staff there, they directed me to the marketing program in the School of Business," Robyn recalls. She went home and told her husband she was now a full-time student.

Despite having a toddler, Robyn attended WCTC full-time, got involved in student government, worked in the Financial Aid office and completed her degree in two years. She also lost her mother and had another child during that time.

Involvement in campus and community activities enriched her college experience and allowed her to develop relationships with college staff, instructors and other students. It also gave her the support she needed during the difficult times.

"When I lost my Mom they knew I needed some time and they allowed me time," she says. "One instructor referred me to the counseling center on campus. They were so supportive, sent flowers and raised money for me."

Dr. Susanne Fenske, director of student development, was especially supportive and served as a mentor. "Without her I would have given up," Robyn adds. "I owe all my awards to her."

Her work with campus clubs and student life led to her current position with the Waukesha County Business Alliance. "Now I manage community events and programs for business leaders," she explains. As the Events and Programs Manager, Robyn oversees 100+ programs annually and hosts several annual events with 300+ attendees.

Robyn is continuing her education by pursuing a communications degree from Ottawa University.

"WCTC is my roots and my foundation," she says.