Ryan Guthrie

Ryan Guthrie, FVTC grad

Fox Valley Technical College

Automated Manufacturing Systems Technician, 2005

Executive Vice President, TM Robotics (Americas) Inc.

When Ryan Guthrie visited Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) as a high school student and saw the Automated Manufacturing Systems (AMS) Lab he decided to follow that career path and has traveled the world bringing automation to several industries.

“I have yet to meet another technician anywhere in the world who was trained with such a variety of industrial disciplines while earning his or her degree,” he said. “Fox Valley Tech has made it easier for me to adapt to the ever-changing global market as trends come and go and new technologies come into play.”

The hands-on education and close ties with local industry at FVTC provide students like Ryan with real job experience.

After earning his degree in AMS Ryan went to work for TM Robotics (Europe) Ltd., the sole distributor of Toshiba Machines line of industrial robots in West/Central/Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Russia and India. He progressed to his current position with the American branch of the company based in Elk Grove Village, Ill.

Ryan enjoys the variety of challenges his position presents each day and he loves the travel. One day he might be quoting a new high-speed robot for an application in the food industry, and the next he could be troubleshooting a machine that is part of a multi-million dollar assembly line for the auto industry.