Scott Miehe

Scott Miehe, FVTC grad

Fox Valley Technical College

Aeronautics 2011

Pilot, Air Choice One

After earning degrees in microbiology and cell molecular biology at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, Scott Miehe came to Madison to work in a U.W. research lab. The work didn’t satisfy his passion for flying and eventually Scott moved back to Oshkosh and enrolled at Fox Valley Technical College in the Aviation program. 

A Google search revealed that FVTC had a very highly rated program and it was close to home. Reading a college catalog while waiting for a haircut sealed the deal for Scott. 

“I was able to get everything done in a short time. I was fully qualified and employed within 20 months,” he said. Scott was hired as a flight instructor at FVTC before he graduated. 

“The preparation for pilots at Fox Valley has very high standards, well above average,” Scott remarked. “The quality of the training and of the graduates is very high also.”

He took a student to St. Louis on a training flight and while they were waiting to refuel, Scott noticed Air Choice planes landing and taking off. He checked out the company and decided to apply for a position as a pilot. 

Based in Mason City, Iowa, Scott flies commuters to and from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. He flies home almost every night to be with his wife and daughters.