Seth Ricker

Seth Ricker, GTC alumni

Gateway Technical College

Civil Engineering, 1998

R.A. Smith National

Seth Ricker is one of those individuals who always wants to know why things are the way they are. He loves to solve problems and come up with solutions. As a young person, Seth worked on cars and was always building things. 

Engineering seemed like a natural fit for him when he enrolled in Gateway Technical College. He liked the fast tracked, hands-on education and gained confidence as he gained skills. 

“Technical colleges give you what you need to start your career,” he said. After receiving his associate degree, Seth interviewed with several firms and accepted a position with a local Racine civil engineering firm. 

From that entry-level position he progressed to inspector, then surveyor, designer, project manager and client manager. 

“If you rely on the knowledge you have and apply yourself,” Seth advised, “You can move up the ladder fast.” 

Recently, he joined R.A. Smith National, a multi-disciplined civil engineering and surveying firm in Brookfield as construction services technician.