W I S C O N S I N T E C H N I C A L C O L L E G E S Y S T E M | 9 For more information on the Wisconsin Technical Colleges: wistechcolleges.org/preparing-college/ transfer-options Get a jump start on your career while earning high school and college credits at the same time, at no cost. Credit for prior learning shortens your time to degree. Dual credit (also called advanced standing or transcripted credit) provides the opportunity to take college-level coursework in high school. These students may gain free college credits while completing high school graduation requirements. With school board approval, high school juniors and seniors may be able to take courses at the technical college that are not offered in high school. Counselors at your high school and the technical college will work with you and your parent(s) to enroll in Early College. The 2+2 option is yet another option to earn college credits in high school and helps students complete their Academic Career Plan. Any of the above options, credits from another institution, and/or documented skills you learned on the job may apply toward your degree or credential. 2 + 2 PROGRAM EARLY COLLEGE DUAL CREDIT CREDIT FOR PRIOR LEARNING Common_pages 02_16_WTCS_2017_FINAL.indd 9 7/24/17 10:50 AM