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MPTC_Haley Van Raden.jpg

Headshot of student Haley Van Raden
By Sara Mackey
The year 2020 has been unlike any in our lifetimes. It’s safe to say the challenges of this year, between the pandemic, social unrest, economic distress and political uncertainty created some chaos and forced us to challenge some assumptions along the way. An example is the concept of college...

MATC Advisor.png

A Milwaukee Area Technical College advisor helps a student virtually.
By Milwaukee Area Technical College
In addition to providing career-ready education and a more affordable path to a four-year degree, Milwaukee Area Technical College offers a full suite of student services to ensure academic success. MATC Advisor.png Due to the pandemic, MATC academic pathway advisors have shifted work to reach...

System-wide Equity Report Cover.PNG

By Colleen Larsen, Education Director-Student Success, Wisconsin Technical College System
While diversity has been a stated value of many postsecondary institutions and employers for decades, recent actions by the Wisconsin Technical College System and colleges have demonstrated a renewed commitment to diversity and added an emphasis on equity and inclusion. Your organization is likely...


A group of students walking out of a Fox Valley Technical College building.
By Rachel Aldrich, Functional Analyst – Transfer Credit, Fox Valley Technical College
In todays’ world, the opportunities for education are growing and the options for students are growing as well. Students in middle school and high school have the availability to complete courses that will meet high school credit as well as college credit. Imagine graduating from high school and...

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chart showing tuition ranges
By Sara Mackey
To help highlight the affordability of technical college, many of Wisconsin’s technical colleges are waiving the application fee during the month of October. Some people argue that a four-year education is a necessity at any cost. Higher education is the second biggest source of consumer debt after...


Macey Pic
By Sara Mackey
The pandemic may be an ideal time to challenge students to seek out activities with longer-term benefits than video games, streaming media, social media and the YouTube rabbit hole. With school occurring online in many areas, unsupervised students may struggle to remain engaged. This is as good a...


Handshake logo
By Sara Mackey
HS_WordMark_Black-RGB.png Very few of us have withstood a pandemic influencing daily life, so COVID-19 is unearthing new territory for nearly all of us. Things are different enough in 2020 to make work somewhat manageable from home (at least for many with desk jobs), but things are enough the same...


promotion for census completion
By Sara Mackey
census2020.jpg The United States Census requires very little of us, as it occurs only once every 10 years, and takes about 10 minutes to complete. But the results of a successful Census effort are significant. Since this Federal tradition started in 1790, it has been tossed around like a political...


photo of Morna Foy
By Dr. Morna K. Foy, President, Wisconsin Technical College System
Morna_Foy.jpg Wisconsin Technical College System President Morna Foy Wisconsin’s technical college students are putting the finishing touches on a momentous year. Tens of thousands are set to join our alumni in communities throughout the state, launching careers in essential occupations that serve...


student and parents image
By Katy Pettersen
During this time when college students are unsure what awaits them for summer and fall classes, so many are left wondering when they may be able to return to their beloved college campus. Those who appreciate the attributes of the traditional four-year ‘college experience’ along with the education...


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