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employer conversation
By Erin Eagan
You may have noticed in recent years that work life and home life are no longer kept separate. They have blended into one, and HR leaders and managers are finding themselves having to deal with employee issues in a way they never would have expected. Employees are opening up like never before,...


By Erin Eagan
As we approach the end of the year, it’s a natural time of self-reflection for most adults. Have things gone the way you envisioned? Are you where you want to be? Are you working a job or a career you love? If not, then ask yourself why. January 1 is the start of the new year, but it can also mark...

Veterans Day.png

Veteran learning Tool and Die Making
By Erin Eagan
Each year on November 11, we honor our military veterans for their service to the United States. Their service is greatly appreciated, and Wisconsin’s technical colleges are honored to provide our veterans and their families with the support and resources for educational and career success. We want...


students around a computer
By Erin Eagan
The most forward-thinking organizations in today’s marketplace are putting an emphasis on continuing education and training to set themselves apart from their competition. They see it as an incentive to retain current employees as well as recruit new talent. In the last decade, the advent of online...

College Goal WI.png

By Erin Eagan
Any student planning on going to college in the fall of 2020 who is considering financial aid should complete the Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA). Every college requires the FAFSA in order for a student to be considered for federal and state financial aid programs, grants, low-...


student studying online
By Erin Eagan
The advent of online education has drastically changed the education landscape. It has opened up a world of new opportunities for anyone interested in learning — and the skyrocketing numbers reflect that. In the last 15 years, enrollment in online courses in the US has more than quadrupled. In fact...

SCSF Winners Data Gateway[4].png

By Erin Eagan
Foxconn Technology Group has announced round one winners from its Smart Cities — Smart Futures competition, recognizing the most innovative ideas to help develop needed housing, infrastructure and other systems in southeastern Wisconsin. A panel of 50 judges evaluated 325 submissions and selected...
By Susan Pohorski
Are you among the 79 percent of parents of prospective college students who are questioning the return on investment of a college education? According to a survey by Kaplan Test Prep and Money magazine, only one in five parents surveyed think the cost of a four-year college degree is worth “the...
By Susan Pohorski
If you and your child are looking for careers with a bright future, consider the many occupations in Information Technology, or IT. As parents, our job is to prepare our children for the future. To help them learn the skills necessary to live their lives independently. We want them to be able to...
By Susan Pohorski
You may have heard other parents complain about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. Many families dread having to go through this each year. While the federal government is working on simplifying the process, there will still be some work and advance preparation to filling out...


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