Tuition and Material Fees

Not only can technical colleges offer you a degree in a shorter amount of time, but also for less money. Tuition at technical colleges is significantly lower (roughly 1/4 the cost when factoring tuition levels and time to get a degree) than that of other colleges and universities. The new tuition costs beginning in summer 2020 are the same for each of the 16 technical colleges:

Tuition is subject to change by the WTCS Board or State Legislature prior to the beginning of the new academic year.

Wisconsin Residents

  • Degree, diploma, and certificate programs - $138.90 per credit
  • Collegiate Transfer program - $187.85 per credit

Out-of-State Residents

  • Degree, diploma, and certificate programs - $208.35 per credit
  • Collegiate Transfer program - $281.76 per credit

Other Fees

Books are an additional cost, as are other tools you may need for particular programs. You may experience other incidental fees, depending on your college and program choice.

Tuition and Fees Chart 2020-21.png