Dual Credit Articulation

You can get a head start on earning college credits while in high school. Articulation/dual credit aligns high school and college coursework to eliminate duplication while learning a skill. Check with your career prep coordinator at your local technical college about articulation in your high school. There are two types of articulation/dual credit, which are listed below.

Advanced Standing Transcripted Credit
Definition: Application of these credits are delayed until students enroll in a technical college program that aligns with the courses taken in high school. Definition: Students take various courses and have a transcript of college-level credits prior to entering college.
Curriculum: High school courses/competencies in areas such as nursing, auto tech or accounting are equivalent or comparable to technical college courses. Requires a minimum of a 3.0 grade point on a 4.0 scale. High school grading policies and standards are followed. Curriculum: Technical college curriculum in courses like social psychology and technical writing is taught. Students earn both high school credit and technical college credit simultaneously. Technical college grading policies and standards are followed.
Instructors: Courses are taught by high school teachers who have current DPI licenses in related area of instruction. Instructors: Courses are taught by a technical college certified instructor or a high school instructor with technical college articulation certification.
Documentation: The school district maintains students' transcripts. Documentation: The technical college maintains students' transcripts for technical college coursework. The school district maintains students' transcript for high school and technical college coursework.
Transfer: Technical college credit awarded for high school coursework for an originating technical college is accepted as credit toward completion of a comparable course or courses by another Wisconsin Technical College System institution. Transfer: All courses taken for technical college credit appear on students' transcripts and are transferable to other Wisconsin Technical College System institution having the same program.