Financial Aid — at Wisconsin’s Technical Colleges

Cost Comparison

Tuition at Wisconsin's Technical Colleges is as affordable as it gets. See how it compares to other colleges.

How Aid Is Determined

Most financial aid is based on the “financial need" or ability of your family to contribute toward the cost of higher education. Your family's income, assets, number of family members in college, and other factors are considered. You will not know if you qualify for grants, loans or other aid unless you apply. It's well worth the effort!

Free Financial Aid Need Estimator

If you are in high school (or even middle school), your parents can use a tool (FAFSA4caster) to receive early estimates, create examples based on future earnings and consider ways to fund college. Adult students can use the same tool to get an idea of what aid they might receive. You can find the FAFSA4caster at Select the link under "Thinking About College?"

77 percent receive financial aidFree Application for Federal Student Aid

To get the facts on federal student aid, programs, whether you qualify, and how to apply, read Funding Your Education sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education. You will need to fill out the "Free Application for Student Aid" (FAFSA) as soon as possible after January 1 for the following fall enrollment. For most colleges, you only need to fill out one form to apply for federal, state, and campus-based financial assistance. A listing of the forms required for each state financial aid program is located at the Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board.

Other Aid Available

You can find more details on state financial aid and a list of Wisconsin financial aid programs at the Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board, or visit our complete list of Grants, Loans and Other Aid Programs.

Contact information for college Financial Aid Departments.