Resources to Help You Succeed

Whether you need to finish your high school education, learn or improve your English or take a refresher class, our colleges will help. Every technical college offers resources to get you started, no matter your background or education level.

Refresher (basic) education for adults

Every year, Adult Basic Education (ABE) helps over 70,000 Wisconsin adults study reading, writing, math and career education at levels ranging from first through twelfth grade. These basic skills (refresher) courses are designed to help students succeed in their career and technical programs.

Career Pathways

Career Pathways helps maximize your education investment, one step at a time. Whether you're just out of high school or a returning adult, your pathway includes your career interests and your education goals in a practical course plan. This planning tool may be helpful for exploring your options.

Practice Entrance Exams

Use free practice exams to prepare for exams like ACT and SAT. This is an external website that allows you to take the various exams required for college enrollment.


English Language Learning (ELL) courses are offered at each of our technical colleges. These non-credit classes improve your English language skills and can help you on a path to a GED/HSED or other credential or pathways. 


The national GED program helps students prepare for and show mastery of the equivalent of a high school education. However, in Wisconsin the GED is not considered to be comparable to a high school diploma but the HSED is. 

To obtain a GED, students must pass tests in math, science, writing, language arts, and social studies. Students prepare for the tests through self-paced one-on-one instruction and group instruction. Specific information on the GED/HSED can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website.

The Wisconsin High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED) is awarded by the Department of Public Instruction. Download several options available to students who want to earn a Wisconsin HSED. The HSED program may also be available to students currently enrolled in high school.

Family literacy

Family Literacy integrates adult basic education / English Language Learner (ELL) instruction, early childhood education, Parent and Child Together (PACT) Time, and parenting classes into one combined program. In these family literacy programs, families come to school together. While their children learn in nearby classrooms, parents become successful learners and pursue their own educational goals. Contact your local technical college or Wisconsin Literacy, Inc. for more information.