Tips for Going Back to School

  1. Locate your local technical college by using the college locator map.
  2. Research the types of programs available through this site; even discover your career passions, here
  3. Visit the college website to learn about the requirements for admission.
  4. Arrange a tour or visit a college campus to get a feel for what it is like.
  5. While you’re on campus, talk to other students. Ask about their experiences or talk with friends and relatives about their experiences at a technical college.
  6. Determine the level of commitment for you to attend, especially if your schedule will include a full-time job, family obligations, etc.
  7. Evaluate your level of access to technology. If you do not have computer access or knowledge of how to use one, the college can help you get the access or training you need.
  8. Investigate your financial aid options. Talk to your college financial aid office regarding your options for paying for college.
  9. If you've been laid off or lost your job, this website provides helpful resources.

If you are a returning adult, take it from the students in the videos below, you are not alone! Here are some additional tips for returning adults.