bachelor's degree

By Susan Pohorski
On behalf of all Baby Boomer parents everywhere I want to apologize to our children. I’m sorry I said you could be whatever you want to be. I’m sorry I told you a four-year degree was the only way to get a good-paying career. I’m sorry I let you borrow all that money to spend on tuition. Now you...
By Susan Pohorski
Transferring from a Wisconsin technical college to a four-year college or university does not have to be difficult. If you already know your career goals require a bachelor’s degree, talk with your admissions counselor or academic advisor and plan accordingly. Even if you don’t have a specific...
Samuel Michael is a Wisconsin Technical College student and an intern for the Statewide Marketing Consortium. In a recent blog post by Jeffery King, an education blogger and social media expert for, Mr. King explained the “5 Reasons Community Colleges Make Sense Right Now.” Those five reasons include: An easy transition from high school Great savings Advantages to living at home More time to think about your career path Boost your confidence Now, I would agree with Mr. King on most of these points, but I would add that they aren’t reasons that community colleges make sense now ; they are reasons that community colleges make sense. Period.
It's been more than a decade since I first graduated from a Wisconsin Technical College . I attended full-time for two years while working two jobs and one unpaid internship. What I got out of attending a technical college was much more than just a piece of paper saying I attended.
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