promotion for census completion
By Sara Mackey
census2020.jpg The United States Census requires very little of us, as it occurs only once every 10 years, and takes about 10 minutes to complete. But the results of a successful Census effort are significant. Since this Federal tradition started in 1790, it has been tossed around like a political...
If you've read a newspaper or been online lately, chances are you've read about the skills shortage or the workforce paradox. The situation is frustrating manufacturers, vexing human resource managers and inhibiting economic recovery.
Samuel Michael is a Wisconsin Technical College student and an intern for the Statewide Marketing Consortium. In a recent blog post by Jeffery King, an education blogger and social media expert for, Mr. King explained the “5 Reasons Community Colleges Make Sense Right Now.” Those five reasons include: An easy transition from high school Great savings Advantages to living at home More time to think about your career path Boost your confidence Now, I would agree with Mr. King on most of these points, but I would add that they aren’t reasons that community colleges make sense now ; they are reasons that community colleges make sense. Period.
There have been some positive economic bright spots for Wisconsin recently, and Wisconsin’s technical colleges have been part of each of these economic equations. Northcentral Technical College’s (NTC) efforts with the city of Wausau are a key component to drawing Collaborative Consulting to the...
It's been more than a decade since I first graduated from a Wisconsin Technical College . I attended full-time for two years while working two jobs and one unpaid internship. What I got out of attending a technical college was much more than just a piece of paper saying I attended.
In this economy where unemployment remains high and employers cite many environmental barriers to full employment, many technical college graduates are hanging their own shingle and establishing their own businesses. Entrepreneurship is on the rise and a technical college education helps many of...
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