Wisconsin Technical Colleges Near Me


By Susan Pohorski
Sure there will be family gatherings, football games to watch and shopping this weekend. However, you might also have some time to consider your future and explore your career choices. Even if you have a job, do you have a career? Is it a job you love? Or are you thinking there might be something...
A recent survey by CareerBuilder.com revealed that job seekers are operating under a false view of themselves. Employers are rejecting them because they don’t have the requisite skills, but they aren’t communicating that. According to the survey employers only inform 12 percent of candidates that...
If you've read a newspaper or been online lately, chances are you've read about the skills shortage or the workforce paradox. The situation is frustrating manufacturers, vexing human resource managers and inhibiting economic recovery.
The days of leaving high school and finding gainful employment without further education or training are behind us. That’s the message of “The Midwest Challenge: Matching Jobs with Education in the Post-Recession Economy, a report released by Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. Many of the jobs that have been lost or eliminated in the past few years were low-skill, middle wage positions. According to the report, the opportunities expected for new jobs and job retirements will need postsecondary education or training.
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