Universal Transfer Agreement

The Universal Transfer Agreement between the Wisconsin Technical College System and the University of Wisconsin System offers students the opportunity to transfer no fewer than 30 credits of core courses between the two systems. These courses will satisfy a general education or general degree requirement at the receiving UW or WTCS institution and may include electives (depending on your degree):

  • Written Communication (10-801-195)
  • Speech (10-801-198)
  • College Algebra & Trigonometry with Applications (10-804-197)
  • General Biology (10-806-114)
  • General Chemistry (10-806-134)
  • General Physics I (10-806-154)
  • Introduction to American Government (10-809-122)
  • Introduction to Ethics: Theory and Application (10-809-166)
  • Economics (10-809-195)
  • Introduction to Sociology (10-809-196)
  • Introduction to Psychology (10-109-198)

Visit the Transfer Wisconsin website see what these courses transfer into at any University of Wisconsin institution. This equates to the first year's worth of credits toward a program or major. The agreement will be reviewed annually, so slight changes could be made to the course list. Not all these courses transfer equally to every UW System school. It is strongly recommended you visit the Transfer Information System website and consult with a college transfer advisor before you begin taking these courses.